The Ikode Trilogy:
The Ikode trilogy is a series of mystery/suspense-themed RPGs created using RPG Maker XP.
They all take place in the same planet of Ikode and follow a common storyline.
Click on the link to any specific RPG to see its page.
Total Play time for entire trilogy: ~15 hours

The Two Moons:
The two moons is a joke RPG I created several years ago.
The storyline and characters are based on my very first RPG
that I created when I was 13, for RPG Maker 2000.
This game is not serious in the slightest, and is
worth playing if you are looking for a few chuckles.
Game length: 1-2 hours.

Ikode Invaded:
Ikode Invaded is a joke RPG based on the Ikode Trilogy.
This game is really silly, and was created entirely as a joke.
Game Length: 2-3 hours

All of these require the RPG Maker XP Run Time Package (RTP).
Here is a download link to the English 1.02 version. This is the version I use.
Click Here to Download RTP 1.02